• 3 days, 3 countries, 3 events

    To celebrate the end of the 1st year of the Start&Code program., we gathered all the partners who contribute to the development and the success of this cross-border initiative.

    Nicolas Schmit

    Minister of Employment

    "The goal here is to offer training for young people who do not have traditional computer skills. And this training of a few weeks is only the first phase, because the final objective of this program is integration into employment”.

    Isabelle Schlesser

    President of Adem

    "Promoting dynamic sectors that are recruiting is exactly what we want to do"

    Frederic Mouchel
    Managing Director J.P Morgan Luxembourg S.A

    «J.P. Morgan is proud to foster Luxembourg digital eco system through Start&Code »

    Fabrice Dewasmes

    CEO Neopixl

    « We must promote the digitalization and accompany all citizens in this journey.»

    Nadine Muller

    President of of 6zéro1

    “6zero1 offers a professional work environment to social entrepreneurs and a tailor made support program in a unique place. Hosting Start&Code was natural.

    Patrick de la Hamette

    Founder of Digital Inclusion

    « The demand for access to digital equipment among the refugees was so strong, that in February 2016 we founded Digital Inclusion asbl. Yet, we believe that Digital Inclusion should not be limited to refugees only, but include all vulnerable people living in Luxembourg.»


    Bridging the tech and social sectors to foster innovation for social change

    Start & Code is a program based in Luxembourg that bridges tech and social issues, through a tech accelerator dedicated to digital startups that intend to hire people and a training program for youth and migrants to learn code.

  • WHY ?

    Rising immigration

    A great opportunity for Europe

    More than 1 million people have joined Europe over the last 2 years.


    All over the continent, migrants and refugees are willing to settle in European countries and start a new life. Since this situation is unprecedented, urgent and long term actions have to be implemented at an international level in order to give opportunities to these populations.


    Unemployment issues

    Among youth and migrants

    Unemployment rate among the 15-24 years old in Luxembourg is of 18,2%, which is higher than for the average population.


    Moreover, unemployment rate in Luxembourg is much higher for the foreign-born than that of the native-born. Those inequalities mostly come from a lack of skills and diplomas.

    Lack of digital skills

    Across all industries

    Around three companies out of four consider the lack of digital skills as a hurdle to their digital transformation.


    Currently, 700,000 IT professionals are lacking across all industries and an additional 150,000 IT experts will be needed every year.


    Around 80% of companies say they observe a "skills shortage" in IT.



    After one year of action, Start & Code has shown great results